Well, the arc between Willow and Tara has a long and sort of tortured history. We had thought about the idea of someone exploring their sexuality, expanding it a little bit, in college because that’s something that might happen in college. Since we tend to work inside metaphor, for most of the show, we talked about Willow and her being a witch because it’s a very strong female community and it gives her a very physical relationship with someone that isn’t necessarily sexual. And then when we decided to go that way, part of it was because Seth Green wanted to step out and do movies and we knew that he was going to be out of the picture and someone had to be with Willow and it seemed like a good time for her to be exploring this and the question became, how much do we play in metaphor and how much do we play as her actually expanding her sexuality. You’re walking a very fine line there. The network obviously has issues. They don’t want any kissing — that’s one thing that they’ve stipulated — and they’re a little nervous about it. They haven’t interfered at all with what we’ve tried to do and yet they’ve raised a caution about it. And at the same time you have people, the moment Tara appeared on the scene, saying, ‘Why aren’t they gay enough? They’re not gay enough! You need to make them more gay.’ They want to make a statement, they want to turn it into an issue right away. So you have forces buffeting you and you’re trying to come up with both what is emotionally correct as a progression and what is mythically significant with the greater arc, so you know, you’re trying to wield all these things and week to week, make these things progress.
Joss Whedon, 2000 (via slayerettespodcast)
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