Wash or Willow?

  1. lame-gamer-kensou answered: Willow, always. I’d give Wash a brohug in a second, though.
  2. yellerqq answered: WILLOW
  3. fostermatt answered: Wash
  4. loos answered: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Willow…
  5. oncemorewithwalkers answered: Wash.
  6. agentrusco answered: such a good one! Um…. Wash.
  7. shukfollowsstuff answered: Wash!
  8. easilyflustered answered: Willow.
  9. pandapattyparty answered: it will always be wash.
  10. honestlynatalie answered: Willow
  11. angelasthings answered: omg. that’s so mean…UGH I guess Wash because we got so much more of Willow and so little of Wash.
  12. bdr10 answered: Wash
  13. winifredrosenberg answered: Willow!
  14. staliz answered: Wash! Because then he would be here and alive!
  15. garim99 answered: Willow!
  16. varietyoflol answered: Willow
  17. mostdangerouswomanintheuniverse answered: Wash. I’M A LEAF ON THE WIND
  18. scenenothing answered: Wash
  19. sortaryan answered: Willow
  20. anotherwonderwall answered: WILLOW, HANDS DOWN
  21. spinachandmushrooms answered: willow
  22. nicobriozzo answered: willow!!! of course!!! ♥
  23. futuredudeman answered: Willow. But, to be totally fair, Willow is literally my favorite fictional character. Like, from all of fiction ever.
  24. t-jumblr answered: willow
  25. faethena answered: Willow
  26. forgottenlandscapes answered: willow
  27. 50onourforeheads answered: Willow
  28. bittersweetvictory answered: willow
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    Ack! Willow, but dammit! Not far making a girl choose!
  30. caught-a-dragonfly answered: Wash. But it’s a close one.
  31. grrargh answered: Willow
  32. alsodragon answered: willow
  33. what-we-become answered: WILLOW PLS
  34. barefootchaos answered: wash
  35. amnesiak answered: willow
  36. doll-frakking-house answered: Wash.
  37. pineapple-cube answered: Wash
  38. valsc17 answered: today, Wash
  39. ohhollandhoney answered: Nasty question. But Willow. Wash comes very very close though.
  40. bloodyawfulpoet answered: wash
  41. gitfiles answered: Willow
  42. the-do-that-girl answered: Willow
  43. minorlifeforgrandermaybes answered: Wash
  44. thepiratespaw answered: Wash
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