Is ‘A Hole in the World’ sadder than ‘The Body’?

  1. thechosenonehasreturned answered: I DONT EVEN KNOW ITS JUST AS TRAUMATIC
  2. ccreadtrip answered: helluva lot sadder
  3. soapshippers answered: Yes
  4. silverandcrimson answered: Nothing is sadder than “The Body”. Literally nothing.
  5. callsigntheslayer answered: It’s difficult to choose which is sadder.
  6. geeky-jez answered: Both make me cry, but The Body is harder to watch because it is so real - they don’t try to battle mystical forces. Death simply happens.
  7. thatguywholookslikeharrypotter answered: The Body is a better representation of sadness. A Whole In The World made me sadder, as the sadness was contrasted with other emotions.
  8. bigcountry answered: Yes.
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  10. the-hunger-james answered: Nothing is sadder than The Body.
  11. hellomiddleclass answered: 1. How dare you force us to answer this question *tears*
  12. dunloth answered: To me yes, ‘A hole in the World’ is sadder, but ‘The Body’ is more shocking and unsettling. ‘The Body’ gave me deeper feelings.
  13. irradiatedtaquito answered: they make me sob uncontrollably in equal amounts, so
  14. habitual-vampire answered: Nothing is sadder than ‘The Body’
  15. idontwantthatname answered: Oh that’s not even fair!
  16. fictionalized answered: Yes. I can’t watch A Hole in the World again.
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  18. mmgomg answered: I think they’re sad on different ways. The body talked about the sad reality that people die even when there is nothing magical about it…
  19. nannerdftba answered: nothing is sadder than ‘The Body’
  20. theroomwinces answered: Not at all. The Body will always win the saddest award in Whedon world.
  21. longboxreview answered: No. Close, but, no.
  22. buffytardis answered: No. I think the sudden loss of a mother is the worst after the sudden loss of a child.
  23. conversations-with-dead-fandoms answered: tbh A Hole in the World made me cry more… don’t ask me why because I really don’t know
  24. marjchaos answered: No.
  25. lizzledc answered: No
  26. ninewheels answered: Different. “A Hole in the World” is more tense, weepy build-up to inevitable tragedy; “The Body” is sobering, soul-numbing post-tragedy.
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    Conceptually yes, but in execution, no.
  28. shjusti answered: No, Anya’s outburst in The Body is too heartbreaking
  29. padamenagerie answered: When Fred died, you got a few seconds to mourn her before Illyria awoke. The Body was an entire 42 minutes of mourning.
  30. ncri515 answered: yes
  31. soulhostage answered: The Body.
  32. feigenbaumsworld answered: Yes because Joyce’s soul wasn’t burned up by dying of natural causes. Fred doesn’t even get to find peace in the afterlife like Buffy did.
  33. thisisthetyty answered: both make me cry, but no
  34. darkcandies answered: Yes, because Fred’s death was preventable.
  35. shelleeski answered: Nothing is sadder than The Body.
  36. smelliejayne answered: No. Nothing is sadder than ‘The Body’
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  38. arenee1999 answered: Yes
  39. nothorse answered: No. It’s sad, but the sheer starkness of grief in ‘The Body’ is unsurpassed.
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    No. I’m sorry, but no.
  41. yuukihikari answered: The Body is the saddest
  42. cjdawn236 answered: Both are tragic, but there’s something more heartbreaking about powerlessly watching Fred die as opposed to Buffy finding Joyce already dead