To celebrate Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday, what’s your favourite scene of hers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?

  1. meresti answered: Life’s a Show! Once More with Feeling!
  2. singanewhallelujah answered: "What did we learn about beer?" "FOAMY!"
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  4. jaynecobbimeanwatermelons answered: "Fire bad, tree pretty"
  5. drdarkandtwisty answered: The Prom episode! The. Entire. Episode.
  6. godsandmonstersandsuch answered: season’s 2 finale
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    "I prefer to think of it as graduation."
  8. politicsartandstuff answered: In “Becoming Part II” when she just says, “Me.”
  9. sevangrim answered: she’s not really in it, but invisible push ups with Spike.
  10. salseraprincess24 answered: When she tells the Potentials of the plan to give every Potential the power of the Slayer
  11. friendsandbeatlesfan97 answered: When she takes out the rocket launcher and kills the judge in “Innocence” or her songs in “Once More with Feeling”
  12. awwunicorns answered: "Mom? Mom? Mommy?"
  13. isarahcox answered: The scene from “Inca Mummy Girl”, when Xander gets all tongue-tied and Buffy explains “I can translate American salivating boy-talk.” (:
  14. nothorse answered: The soft little smile at the rim of Sunnydale crater.
  15. conversations-with-dead-fandoms answered: Prophecy Girl scene still comes to mind. When she killed Angel, when she and Angel tricked Faith, and in Chosen :)
  16. 50onourforeheads answered: The sword fight with Angelus in Becoming Part Two
  17. whollymacaroni answered: The first 15 - 20 minutes of the Body. Such great acting displayed w/o even music to help evoke emotion.
  18. thebrookofstories answered: All of them.
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    There are just too many!!! But one of my favs is her speech at the end of episode 1, season 7, “it’s about power.” (I...
  20. berrystumpytail answered: Her speech to Joyce during “Becoming” abot her duties as a slayer
  21. hyarmenor answered: The Body. Just, the Body.
  22. the-do-that-girl answered: The entire fight and killing of Angel in Becoming. ‘Close your Eyes’
  23. vikingeggplant answered: The long take at the start of “The Body” is heartbreaking and so impressive. That’s my favorite.
  24. fangirlwastingtime answered: I love the bit in Prom “I’m gonna give you all a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every person on the face of the Earth to do it”
  25. miniporcupine answered: The last scene of Chosen, when she is standing near her friends and simply smiles
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  27. smangdat answered: Angel: “I started it, the whole having a soul, before it was all the cool new thing.” Buffy: “Oh, my god. Are you twelve?”
  28. srslycris answered: The first scene of “The Body”. Perfect acting.
  29. caffeinatedhastings answered: You’re Watchers. Without a Slayer… you’re pretty much just watching Masterpiece Theater. You can’t stop Glory. You can’t do anything with
  30. guywalksintoanadagency answered: Her sacrifice and death from The Gift.
  31. misogyny-mermaid answered: Any of her pun scenes.
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