The Friday Poll - Buffy and Spike vs Angel and Faith, which pairing would win in a fight?

  1. chox100 answered: Spike and Buffy
  2. ncri515 answered: ANGEL
  3. gonnabeethinandfit answered: angel and faith
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    Buffy and Spike…but it would be nasty
  5. kindredspiritsandgoodomens said: Buffy and Spike. They are so in sync, watching them fight beautiful. And they know how to work as a team. Angel and Faith are too separate.
  6. mrsept36 answered: Angel and Faith
  7. itsuckstobeafangirl said: Buffy and Spike.
  8. smithandwinchester answered: um spuffy for sure
  9. unashamed-fanwoman answered: Buffy and Spike!
  10. badwolfoncomingstorm answered: Buffy and Faith!!!! :)
  11. nialas answered: Surely you mean Angelus? Angel would never fight Buffy, not seriously. He’d die before he’d hurt her.
  12. hellomiddleclass answered: Buffy and Spike because Angel would hold back on Buffy and stop Faith from doing too much damage to her.
  13. abadoom said: Buffy and Spike for sure!
  14. iamnotheretohide answered: Buffy and Spike. Faith would make a run for it as soon as she realises she can’t win, leaving Angel behind facing Spuffy on his own.
  15. imascoldasiceascoldasicecanbe answered: Buffy and Spike definitely!
  16. jossist said: Spuffy!
  17. bos10blonde answered: Buffy and Spike!
  18. highaltitudecontemplation answered: Buffy & Spike
  19. iamdawt said: Definitely Buffy & Spike!
  20. imperialmess answered: Buffy (and Spike), because the show is called “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, not “Faith The Vampire Slayer”. The main character wins.
  21. drdarkandtwisty answered: Buffy and Spike
  22. leoth3lion answered: Spuffy, obviously. Spike’s beaten Angel before, and Buffy’s the only one that’s beat the others. Also B&S have worked together longer
  23. kaket123 answered: Any pair with Buffy in it is going to win.
  24. ameliap2009 answered: Buffy and Spike!!!
  25. allonsyavalon answered: Buffy and Spike. They’d fight dirty.
  26. charlotte-the-sometimes-domestic said: Buffy and Spike!
  27. katbeansauce answered: Buffy and Spike! now if it was ANGELUS and Faith… hmmm…
  28. downtowntrash answered: Yikes! ooooooooo B&S? Maybe?
  29. bronxgirl55 said: Buffy and Spike, of course.
  30. hiddleslokid said: Buffy and Spike - both of them have already defeat the others, in the past
  31. bronxgirl55 answered: Buffy and Spike!
  32. hiddleslokid answered: Buffy and Spike - both of them have already defeat the others, in the past
  33. stars-inthe-sky answered: Buffy’s the only one who’s canonically beat everyone on this list…
  34. pgnbri answered: As much as I love Buffy and Spike, Angel and Faith would win.
  35. khaleesi-irvine answered: Angel and Faith
  36. whollymacaroni answered: depends on who is fighting whom
  37. sweetrupturedlight answered: urm… can i switch it up and go with buffy and angel instead?
  38. littlesweetjellyfishtea answered: Buffy and Spike would win!
  39. lindyryan said: Buffy and Spike!
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