lupejasso asked:

So, did Ward let Buddy live? He did right?? We never actually saw him take the shot when he was watching buddy run through the scope. I thought he released FitzSimmons so he would have to shoot them? Anyway, was Buddy ok!?

Both seem to be a source of much debate! What does everyone think?

  1. katsadako said: I’m still not sure! Ward let Buddy go, but was it Garret or Ward watching him through the scope?? Very hands-off way of killing FitzSimmons…but I’m hoping they’ll science their way out. Purely because they’re my favourites.
  2. r2smuse said: ohgod, I hope we find out. Or maybe I don’t… I thought Buddy was a goner when Ward looked through the scope… :( I’d rather think he was just checking.
  3. btvsobsessed623 said: Garrett shot Buddy, not Ward
  4. iamdawt said: I don’t know!
  5. somuchbraver said: Pretty sure he let Buddy live and then Garret shot him anyway.
  6. easilyflustered said: Okay, my bad.
  7. t-jumblr said: Ward shot Buddy. What indicated that Garret would say “It’s okay, Ward, I’ll take care of this; you’ve been through enough.”? I think he didn’t want to look at their faces after they’re dead, so he killed them as “hands off” as possible.
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    I thought the implication was that Ward had to shoot Buddy from a distance, which was paralleling the way he gets rid of...
  9. sigfodr said: I thought for sure it was Ward that killed Buddy (saw that order coming from when he was left in the woods). Also, really hoping Fitzsimmons is dead. I love them, but damn that would be heartbreaking television.
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