The Friday Poll - How does Buffy the Vampire Slayer hold up as a tv show these days 11 years after it finished?

  1. callsigntheslayer answered: Still the best.
  2. 420officialvevo answered: beautifully
  3. bean200 answered: Some of the special effects are obviously dated, but the content and the characters are golden. Buffy is still a great role model.
  4. deal-is-our-always answered: I still love it and will show it to my kids. And make them understand that Angel is Mommy’s, but they will love it as much as me.
  5. shemarriedacloud answered: Occasionally I laugh at their shoes and skirts but everything else is still spot on.
  6. phauxcon answered: While the fashion and pop culture references may be a bit dated, overall it holds up very well. Its influence on TV is still being seen.
  7. annafromathens said: Still gets top marks ! !!
  8. auror-browncoat-andmore answered: The first couple of seasons are fairly cheesy, but the entirety is still incredible.
  9. athanasioshallas answered: I still believe it to be the best show ever created. It’s still just as funny and relatable as it was back then. No show compares.
  10. highlordmhoram answered: Some moments early on in the show I could’ve done without personally, but otherwise yeah still pretty grand.
  11. pyromantix said: Pretty well. Dated fashions but amazing stories
  12. ninappon answered: still the best one out there
  13. onecarefulowner answered: Solidly.
  14. felixani answered: AMAZING
  15. 50onourforeheads answered: The fashions are dated, but the show isn’t. It’s a classic.
  16. darnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta said: So much
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    Although the times have changed most of the themes are still powerful and reverent. Hopefully it will be loved by more...
  18. 1337nik answered: Some aspects are definitely dated and problematic, but I’ll take it over most of the shit that exists even today.
  19. doyouhearskeletons answered: Some aspects are a bit dated, but the story, characters, writing, all of that is still just as top-notch as it ever was.
  20. mybirthcbelc said: Amazingly well!
  21. carolwatcheslotsoftv said: It is timeless and relevant.
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    It is timeless and relevant.
  23. soul-porpoise said: Still one of the best ever
  24. i-live-to-be-obstreperous answered: Very well. I’m watching it right now
  25. thecarvingprocess said: Still the best damn show. Well written cast, acted. Has given me high expectations for all the shows I’ve watched since. I love buff!
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  27. thevindicator answered: Still the best dam thing on television.
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    A show by which all others will be judged.
  29. habitual-vampire answered: Uh, yeah. Is that even a question?
  30. audiokayness answered: Still a favorite. Well acted, well scripted, the best, a paragon—do I have to go on?