The Friday Poll - What’s your favourite ever Whedonverse scene?

  1. callsigntheslayer answered: Buffy telling The First to get out of her face.
  2. mystral-reach answered: simon and mal at the end of ‘Home” or Fitzsimmons confession
  3. thevengeanceknight answered: The epic pan across New York and the Avengers in “The Avengers”.
  4. oncemorewithwalkers answered: "No weapons… No friends… No hope.Take all that away… and what’s left?" "Me."
  5. supersnarker3000 answered: "Lie to me."
  6. carameliscream answered: BUNNIES, BUNNIES, IT MUST BE BUNNIES!!! … or maybe midgets
  7. fangirlwastingtime answered: The scene where the Scoobies stand up to Tara’s family so they can keep her. Tara’s smile at the end!!
  8. faultywires125 answered: Wesley shooting the cyborg ninja that he thought was his father.
  9. buffyfan5 answered: Either “Buffy Summers, Class Protector” or “Take all that away, what’s left?” “Me.”
  10. toomanyrebeccas answered: The scene in Angel ‘Five by Five’ with Faith dancing in the nightclub is the first that comes to mind, so that I guess? It’s a hard question
  11. jackattack93 said: buffy at prom when she gets her umbrella from the senior class, then angel comes and they have one last perfect prom
  12. jackattack93 answered: buffy at prom when she gets her umbrella from the senior class, then angel comes and they have one last perfect prom
  13. luckeyblackburn answered: Firefly - The Message
  14. imperialmess answered: Zoë: Jayne. This is something the captain has to do for himself. - Mal: No. No, it’s not!
  15. yarnyfan answered: Hard to pick one - immediately coming to mind is Wesley’s death scene.
  16. laddomcsaddo answered: Final scene of Angel, just….. sweet monkey Jesus I got chills from the epicness
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  18. checkacom answered: So many. But one of my top ten is River and Simon outside the ship-he’s terrified and she’s in bliss.
  19. lyvanna answered: Buffy and Giles in the training room in The Gift where Buffy is saying ‘i don’t know how to live in this world if these are the choices’
  20. mybirthcbelc said: I’m Buffy the vampire slayer, & you are? When she was in the demon realm.
  21. amzical answered: They got the mustard out!
  22. quillinkandmuse answered: Angel trying to kind of tell Cordelia that he likes likes her, rudely interrupted by Darla, of course. Because I can’t have nice things.
  23. pryiaspooktang said: At the end of dollhouse when “Everywhere I Go” is playing and it’s the final closing montage
  24. mossomness said: I know it’s a depressing one, but Wesley’s death scene.
  25. lisathevampireslayer answered: Becoming pt2 - buffy & angelus fight, buffy catching the sword and then angel getting his soul back but it’s too late & she has to kill him
  26. bettyrgarcia answered: Badger’s lair — where the heck were they? Under a vent?
  27. hiddleslokid answered: Veeery difficult…. if I have to pick just one: subway scene in Buffy 5x07, with Spike and his speech in parallel between 70ies and Buffy
  28. storytellerluna answered: River Tam slaughtering all the reavers
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