The Friday Poll - What’s your favourite Whedonverse friendship?

  1. mashiarasdream answered: Buffy & Willow
  2. cest-la-bri answered: Tara and Dawn
  3. touchofcrass said: Spike and Joyce!
  4. thomassupinger said: There are so many on Buffy just to name a few Xander/willow, Spike/Dawn, Buffy/Tara, etc. I also love Adele and Topher’s relationship. Although it’s more of a mother/son relationship. Mal and Zooey is a good one too. They are so loyal
  5. luckeyblackburn answered: Zoe and Mal
  6. alchemicangels said: Buffy/Willow or Kaylee/Inara!
  7. thehallsofourfathers answered: Kaylee and Inara :)
  8. drdave20 reblogged this from whedonesque and added:
    Spike and Joyce
  9. 50onourforeheads answered: Buffy/Willow
  10. imenglishcourseidrinktea answered: Zoe and Mal, but Dawn and Spike make a close second
  11. turkeyfisher said: Sorry I meant Book+Jayne
  12. turkeyfisher answered: Wash+Jayne
  13. sexyallonso answered: Spike and Angel!!!
  14. amzical answered: Buffy and Willow and Xander
  15. toshanshuinla answered: Angel & faith
  16. deal-is-our-always answered: Thor and everyone.
  17. pedeka answered: Anya and Giles
  18. marjchaos said: Oh, Spike/Dawn or Spike/Joyce.
  19. marjchaos answered: Zoe and Mal.
  20. travisspazz answered: Willow/Xander
  21. stars-inthe-sky answered: Zoe and Mal
  22. flaterik answered: Spike and Joyce
  23. samantha-shakespeare answered: Tara/Anya
  24. indisguisedrobot answered: Buffy and Willow
  25. goldhund answered: Buffy/Willow/Xander, Tara/everyone and Kaylee/everyone and probably more
  26. cyanideris said: Topher/DeWitt
  27. glitter6ug answered: dawn+spike, kaylee+inara, skye+simmons
  28. summerotaku answered: Tony/Bruce in Avengers, Spike/Dawn in Buffy
  29. shjusti answered: Kaylee and Mal
  30. breakersofchains answered: spike and dawn!
  31. larouau12 answered: Dawn and Spike. No argument
  32. theoncominghailstorm said: Either Buffy and Willow or Echo, Sierra, and Victor
  33. pgnbri said: Kaylee & Inara!
  34. millerchristophd answered: Willow/Xander
  35. asubstituteperson answered: Buffy and Tara!! She was the one person Buffy could open up to without fear of judgment.
  36. candicedionysus answered: Hnng. It’s a tie, there’s Buffy-Willow, Xander-Dracula, Spike-Joyce, Tara-Dawn, the list keeps going.
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