The Friday Poll - Which Whedonverse characters should we invite to our barbecue?

  1. joyeaux said: Evil Willow! MORE BBQ!! No, really it should be Xander because he loves to eat.
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    Xander, he would bring snacks and light the BBQ , plus you know Willow or Buffy would end up coming with him.
  3. kaniacqueen answered: Lindsey McDonald, Willow Rosenberg, Tara MacClay, Spike, Fred Burkle, Captain Mal, Zoe, Kaylee, Buffy Summers, Inara, Walsh, Joyce Summers
  4. calmiera answered: ALL OF THEM!
  5. deal-is-our-always answered: Always Thor.
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  7. tamaralwakeseward answered: #Allofthem
  8. zoroark3496 answered: Agent Coulson Agent May Agent Simmons Agent Fitz Ward Triplett Koenig and of course Skye
  9. lovesthai answered: All of them!!!!
  10. absent-minded-writer said: it wont me type in the answer space so Mal and Kaylee
  11. pajamajalapeno said: The black ones, both of them
  12. roughtradesaint said: Glory
  13. yarnyfan answered: Wash and Zoe! They deserve a chance to eat real meat, and I’m sure they’re excellent party guests.
  14. oncemorewithwalkers answered: Anya! For today is her date of birth, when she was smaller and shorter and therefore younger than she is now.
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