The Friday Poll - How long have you been a Whedonverse fan?

  1. kelleyish answered: Since 2001. I’d watched a few Buffy eps, first season I watched live was #5, didn’t know Buffy didn’t have a sister, reveal was lost on me!
  2. u-r-llama answered: 4 years I think… Started with Buffy and worked my way through the verse
  3. catsandbreadandbikes answered: almost 20 years. Buffy first aired when I was seven, and I remember thinking, “they’re turning that funny movie into a tv show??”
  4. the-slayerette said: Since 2001, first full episode I saw was “Pangs”, when it was on TV here in Germany
  5. iamdawt said: Years and years
  6. mashiarasdream answered: 15 years. and some spare.
  7. tarar16 answered: Since I was 13 and first discovered #Buffy
  8. screamingdolai answered: Since the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie from 1992!
  9. kaniacqueen answered: 1997 when BtVS the series happened
  10. jonmichaelxyz answered: March 10, 1997
  11. fuckyeahjosswhedon answered: Since 1998. Buffy Season 2.
  12. invadersquee answered: since the night the BtVS premiered, just happened to be home and caught it and fell in instant love!
  13. quakerhobbit answered: almost 6 years
  14. amzical answered: 2001 I think
  15. alejandradaniela1996 answered: 4 yrs
  16. shjusti answered: Buffy S2
  17. theblue-eyed-angels answered: 3 years
  18. pretty--much--an--avenger answered: hum…since Buffy I guess. Even if I was only 4 y-o…!
  19. tgaucho answered: Since Buffy: The Movie, which contains without a doubt the greatest death scene ever to be put on film. You know the one.
  20. piggiesftw reblogged this from whedonesque and added:
    Eleven years. I saw the Buffy pilot when it first aired and hated it. Then I saw Once More With Feeling playing at a...
  21. mybirthcbelc said: Since season 1 of Buffy aired.
  22. the-do-that-girl said: Since BtVS aired on the BBC in the UK so I figure 1999?
  23. carrie0305 said: Early 2000s
  24. intoxicatingimmediacy answered: Ever since The Pack first aired. April 1997.
  25. friendsandbeatlesfan97 answered: Summer of 2013 where I watched Buffy and Dr. Horrible for the first time
  26. audiokayness answered: late 90s
  27. restfield answered: Since 2010, when I finally watched Serenity.
  28. sirjohnsmythe answered: About 2 years now.
  29. sarahrizy said: Since Buffy started. I remember the show premiering.
  30. annmiuka said: Serenity
  31. bonnylash answered: Since Buffy the tv show
  32. barnsburntdownnow answered: just one year
  33. hmbscully answered: Since season 3 of Buffy!
  34. mzieber said: Since 1997!!!!
  35. californiafrost answered: about 8 years (would have been longer had I not grown up in a country where everything is dubbed and no one knows anything good…)
  36. mixedandmindless answered: 12 years!
  37. ihopeyoucontinue4ever answered: hmm…7-8 years? my friends got me into firefly on dvd in college. gateway drug, i tell you.
  38. kanorris61 answered: since Buffy (TV show) 1997!
  39. iwaitfornoone answered: five years!
  40. mysilverspring11 said: I guess since the Swanson Buffy film.
  41. they-call-me-home-w-r-e-c-k-e-r said: Only for a year!
  42. hides-in-the-shadows said: 2000!
  43. sugarless5 answered: Since 2005