The Friday Poll - What is your favourite moment from The Avengers?

  1. kelleyish answered: "He’s adopted"
  2. terribletitan said: "Well then son, you got a condition." Cracks me up every time.
  3. iamagadfly answered: "Puny god."
  4. excitableapathetic said: Hulk beating the crap out of Loki in less than 5 seconds. Close second; the Shawarma after-credit scene
  5. buffypangel said: All of it!!!
  6. andreanessness answered: Black Widows face when Iron Man comes around the corner with “the party”
  7. gendervilleusa answered: Basically every moment with Captain America’s great ass.
  8. kaniacqueen answered: Hulk punching Thor
  9. a-bit-fairy-tale answered: The Loki/Natasha interrogation scene, and in particular the shot where Loki’s reflection in the glass creeps up.
  10. mybirthcbelc said: We have a Hulk.
  11. matchgirl42 answered: When Loki caught the arrow in mid-flight. That was sexy as hell. Too bad it blew up in his face shortly thereafter. :(
  12. standby-life answered: all of them. but actually the crane shot in the battle of new york when they’re all standing together
  13. getawayfrommenow answered: When they’re all fighting in Banner’s science lab on the carrier.
  14. sexyalonzo answered: SHAWARMA
  15. angielitfan01 answered: When Hulk congrats punches Thor.
  16. citicenx answered: The Hulk and Loki sharing a special moment…!
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    Caps fight with Loki (in Germany). It’s so comic book and the quips are cheesy but perfect and it’s everything a...
  18. travisspazz answered: the long take with all the Avengers
  19. totally-boatless answered: "…I’m listening."
  20. lame-gamer-kensou answered: While Hulk trashing Loki had the audience from my first viewing in absolute stitches, my FUCK yeah! moment was Thor’s uppercut with Mjolnir.
  21. gondork said: Hulk smashing Loki. Definitely.
  22. songaboutexiles answered: Coulson’s face while waiting on the phone for Natasha to kick everyone’s ass. (Also, Natasha kicking everyone’s ass.)
  23. inquotefingers answered: Natasha’s “interrogation” scene.
  24. ruth-kazia answered: the base falling in on its self like a sink-hole, its tottaly a mirror of sunnydale at the end of buffy, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE WHEDON !!!
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    The bit where banner and stark meet. Bruce is all defensive about him being the Hulk. Tony is being a science fanboy
  26. stayingupmuchtoolate answered: "Everything special about you came out of a BOTTLE."
  27. spaceshipdear answered: Hulk punching Thor
  28. twhiddlestonismyjam answered: Anytime Loki is onscreen.
  29. stars-inthe-sky answered: Shawarma
  30. cantstopmysignal answered: "Puny God !"
  31. notatroll7 answered: "I’m always angry."
  32. ruralnerd said: My favorite scene is what I call the ‘Call it, Captain’ scene. Where The Avengers finally start working as a team and Cap is giving everyone their assignments.
  33. fangirlwastingtime answered: "Thank you for your co-operation." Natasha showing what she’s capable of.
  34. sad-robot-grc said: Hulk punches Thor. The whole cinema was in stitches. ‘puny god’ was a close second. Eldest offspring says “the noise Loki makes when he’s on the floor” (after being Hulk smashed).
  35. the-do-that-girl answered: Really? Too many to choose.
  36. coulterx said: I really like the scene that starts off with a Voiceover about the Tesseract, and then ends with the Avengers eating shawarma. Oh wait…
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    Every moment with black widow!
  38. acheaptrickandacheesyoneline answered: shawarma after?
  39. tankpirate said: Every moment with black widow!
  40. mashiarasdream answered: "You and I remember Budapest very differently." & "I will not be bullied by…" *HulksmashsmashsmashsmashLoki*
  41. parlorspider answered: Hulk smashing Loki over and over and over
  42. deal-is-our-always answered: Thor’s entrance. “What? Scared of a little lightning?” “I’m not overly fond of what follows.” WELL, I AM VERY FOND OF WHAT FOLLOWS.