UK Competition time!

The UK publishers of the Joss Whedon biography by Amy Pascale have given us three copies to give away.

"Using extensive original interviews with many of Whedon’s key collaborators – as well as Joss himself – Amy presents candid behind-the-scenes accounts of the making of ground-breaking shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, and considers Whedon’s distinctive contribution to cinema through movies such as Toy Story, Serenity and superhero epic The Avengers Assemble.

The result is an intimate portrait of the man who re-wrote popular culture and gave it a heart.”

To win a copy, send an email to with the subject heading “UK Competition” and tell us what your favourite Joss Whedon scene is.


  • The book can only be shipped to a valid UK address
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted
  • The competition will close at 6pm BST (GMT+1) on 29th July 2014. No entries after this date will be considered.
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • The judge’s decision is final
  • The winners will be notified via email and asked for their shipping details so the book can be posted to them

The book is out on the 24th in the UK and has a street date release of August 1st in the US and can be ordered at and .

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