The Friday Poll - It seems be a “thing” these days to skip certain Buffy/Angel episodes during a binge re-watch, is this something you do?

  1. shellyb04 answered: Yes, I dislike much of the Conner storyline in season 4 of Angel.
  2. audreyjean20 answered: I watch every single one. When I get to “Once More with Feeling”, my binge gets stalled.
  3. benichou answered: Yes. Does anybody really need Beer Bad again?
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    Blasphemy !
  5. heroofthreefaces answered: I’ll let you know.
  6. kurtainkid answered: there’s episodes I skip in all my shows when I watch them. It’s not unique to Buffy and Angel
  7. mybirthcbelc said: Never!
  8. bimboslutsrule answered: Never! NEVAH! Skip one episode of this amazing girl’s path to awesomeness? N.E.V.E.R.
  9. tomorrow-youmightbedead answered: never! i endure every episode no matter how much i hate it.
  10. sad-robot-grc answered: I’d have to watch all of them. If I didn’t I’d feel as if I’d gone to a party, said ‘hi’ to some of my friends & snubbed the rest.
  11. doctorb99 answered: Yes, I don’t like the Quellar episode because I have a terrible fear of roaches. And things like roaches, dropping from the ceiling. UGH
  12. cyclopean said: Definitely. Some don’t hold up, some are just more of a bummer than I want to deal with. I’ve only seen “the body” once.
  13. ifllamascouldfly answered: No way Jose and the pussy cats
  14. kaniacqueen answered: I may have once or twice if I don’t think I want to deal with the emotions a certain episode will cause me, but it’s not a habit
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  16. end-of-the-world-optimist answered: I only skip “A whole in the world”; it is just too painful to watch…
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    Fuck no……well…Except maybe “Where the Wild Things Are” cause…damn…who the fuck OK’d that script!? If it was Joss he must...
  18. spoopybella said: Yes
  19. windsongandthunder answered: I only skipped “The Pack” in season 1 because it makes me uncomfortable, but other than that, no
  20. mixedandmindless answered: I try not to do it, but inevitably there are 2 or 3 that I skim through. watch the plot development and then right to the next one!
  21. slayerklaus answered: nooooooooooo
  22. cole-b1 said: I never skip any episodes! They’re all gold! :)
  23. almakeith answered: No. Because Bad Buffy is still better than Good Trek.
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  25. technofancy said: The Pack. I hate the crappy fake hyena laughter! And the pig :(
  26. womanaction answered: Nope. Even the ones I don’t like I still watch…crappy BtVS episodes are better than good episodes of certain other tv shows.
  27. pieplatebingo said: Yep. 50% of the time I skip super sad eps, 90% of the time I skip the bad ones (Beer Bad, for example).
  28. levianity said: NO. Well, two. Because I am intensely arachnophobic. But I encourage everyone else to watch them!
  29. mierke answered: Why would anyone even do that?
  30. theresnobatmanhere answered: NEVER! However, I do pay less attention to some eps such as Go Fish (BtVS)
  31. spaceshipdear answered: Nope I watched them all. Although when I don’t like an episode I try to watch it with the commentary when available.
  32. lynchj10 said: More like certain seasons. Hate Connor so much I can’t watch Mad Men.
  33. lil-bibliophile answered: nope
  34. highlordmhoram answered: I deliberately avoid it.
  35. likehazydays answered: no way! i watch them all.
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