Favourite character from Angel the Series?

  1. nalivox answered: Fred/Illyria
  2. leoth3lion answered: WINIFRED BURKLE SO HELP ME
  3. sellingseashellsattheshore answered: Groo
  4. cooch-pirate answered: Tie between Doyle and Wesley
  5. fuckyeahjosswhedon answered: FRED!
  6. radagastwiz answered: Lorne!
  7. eshepherd78 answered: Fred
  8. kjbpod answered: Doyle
  9. thetalonforyourhead answered: lorne or fred
  10. meaninglessepiphanies answered: Wesley!
  11. sarahlynnw said: Cordy!!!
  12. crinum-lily answered: Wes
  13. r2smuse answered: Um, Angel!
  14. slugvortex answered: Dark!Wesley from the later seasons
  15. snarkyl1brar1an answered: Fred
  16. prio-motu said: Lorne/ Illyria
  17. maid-of-monsters said: FRED
  18. thegreatamorist answered: Darla, hands down.
  19. crazytacolady answered: Fred!!!
  20. futuredudeman answered: FRED
  21. fallencastles answered: A difficult choice for me… I think I’ll go with Fred!
  22. coastalgirl113 answered: Fred!!!!!
  23. metalro said: Lorne
  24. agnesanutter answered: Lorne
  25. fangirlwastingtime answered: Lorne. Always always Lorne.
  26. kurtainkid answered: fred
  27. awwunicorns answered: Puppet Angel
  28. titancia answered: Doyle. And Winifred (I named my dog Winifred.)
  29. lecno19 answered: Fred
  30. storiesaremydrug said: Fred!
  31. mountaingirl93 answered: Spike, even if he came in later on
  32. booksareportkeys answered: Season 1-3 Cordelia
  33. limboden said: Illyria
  34. thecloudsareblue answered: Fred
  35. me-against-the-music answered: Illyria
  36. peaches7217 answered: WINIFRED BURKLE obviously, with Wesley Wydamn Pryce coming in a close second.
  37. a-bit-fairy-tale answered: Lorne… and Lindsey
  38. buffypangel said: Angel
  39. geekykeen said: Fred
  40. restfield answered: Wesley
  41. almakeith answered: Fred
  42. loveablegeek answered: Fred
  43. t-jumblr answered: Gunn. Hands down.
  44. screamingdolai answered: Fred
  45. red-baron-pizza answered: Doyle!
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  47. iwaitfornoone answered: Cordy!