From 2004 - Andy Hallett on Numfar

Remember the scene where Joss played your brother and did that ridiculous Dance of Joy? How could you keep a straight face during the shoot - in other words, how many takes did it take?
A lot! But I didn’’t know it was him. He was keeping it a secret.

Do you think knowing it would have made it funnier?
No, I knew after a little while, but HE wanted it to be a big surprise, so he even had his make-up done in another make-up trailer. And I remember, cause the make-up artists were having to cater for his needs, so the whole time I was in make-up I kept hearing “We’’ve got to do Numfar over at the brown trailer” and I’’m thinking “Who the FUCK is this Numfar? And why is HE getting special treatment, more than I am?”, And then we went to a rehearsal, which was out in the woods, and I was late and they were waiting for me. And usually before rehearsals I go up to the other actors and introduce myself, but I was late this time, so I couldn’’t. And then I saw Numfar and he did his dance and I thought “Oh my god! Who IS this guy?” I thought he was trash. And… how did I find out? Umm…

He yelled “CUT!”?
He smiles, Yeah, right. That’’s very funny… I was standing with David Boreanez, and he was like “Oh my god! Do you know who that is?”, and he told me, and Joss was really pissed that David told me.