I swear tho if there is one character we need more background on it is absolutely fitz’s “buddy at the triskellion” who let them use the info in the magic cube thingy to find the guest house. I mean, who was this buddy? did they go to the academy together? will he come visit fitz in the hospital? most importantly,


it’s still my headcanon that it’s this guy tbh


Good headcanon.


Fitz saved…


Fury’s life.

In tonight’s episode Fitz said he invented the Mouse Hole device but it was shelved. Garret then says the top brass gets all the good toys. 

Fury used a device to get out of his car before the HYDRA agents could apprehend him. Maria Hill used it to get the Cap, Falcon, and Widow out of that armored car.

I’m so proud of my bb boy.


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Good job Agent Fitz.

CBR: You’ve said from the start that there’s always been a plan and that you’ve been following it — was the massive Hydra infiltration and the fallout therein always part of the show from its original conception?

Maurissa Tancharoen: Yes sir.

Whedon: In our very first conversations with Joss, we were talking about what the show could be, and the challenges and opportunities a S.H.I.E.L.D. show would bring. We were discussing, all sort of on the same page, and there was a moment — “Oh, there is this one other thing.”

Tancharoen: Joss said, “Oh, any by the way, towards the end of your season, this happens. So let’s try and build a season around that.” That’s what we’ve done. So we’ve known about it from the outset. It puts us in a bit of a pickle, but it’s something we found both challenging, and also looked at as a very unique opportunity. It’s been thrilling for us to roll out the back half, now that “Captain America” is out.