It was coffee talk. We talked about a Faith show over coffee and a little bit of lunch. The ultimate decision was between Joss [Whedon], myself and I believe Tim Minear at the time. “Buffy” was so iconic and it was coming to an end, the “Angel” spin-off was already out there and we’d been with that character for so many years, but it just didn’t organically happen. That’s the real story that all the rumours are based off of.
Eliza Duskhu on what really happened to the Faith spinoff (X)
Even though Faith did horrible things, it didn’t mean she was bad. There’s this whole path of redemption and finding out who she was and making horrendous mistakes and having consequences and still finding redemption and people who live for her. It was beautiful. And, in the end, she was working with Buffy in the series finale, which I loved so much. Joss made Buffy and all the slayers give out the slayer power to all the women of the world. It doesn’t get more empowering and feminist than that.
Eliza Dushku (X)