Firefly Tumblr Game

You captain a Firefly class ship, name of SERENITY. Hold on to something, because you and your CREW are in for a bit of a rockety ride. You’ve just acquired some pretty nice CARGO from right under the feds’ noses, and you’ve gotta fence it right away.

Go to your dashboard and list the first ten blogs you see.

1 is driving this thing.
2 thinks your plan is terrible but will see it through, sir.

3 is pretty good with a sword and fast like a freak.
4 is much too good at crime, for a Shepherd.
5 sees into the truth of things.
6 p
atches up the crew’s hurt.
7 has always wanted to try a Crazy Ivan.
is bringing some grenades along, just in case.
is all business, with a very fine hat.
10 steals your cargo and masterfully mucks up the ship controls while you were reading the rest of the list. Wow, they’re a pro!

How come it never goes smooth?

How to play: Reblog this, filling in the list with your information and tagging the 10 people mentioned, to share your heist with your followers.

Happy Independents Day and Can’t Stop The Serenity season, Browncoats!