Nathan Fillion talks about Joss Whedon at Dallas Comic Con | May 18, 2014

We look for jobs and when someone gives us one, that’s the role we choose. The one they gave us. It’s very very hard to work your way up in this system that is the entertainment industry. I used to work a lot. My first job was 3 years working everyday on a soap. I had more experience in 3 years than people do in 20. I had a lot of experience behind me, no one cared.

I used to knit and crochet. I walked on both sides of that [muffled]. And when I was a kid, because my mom did. But I haven’t picked up any needles in a long while except to stab people. My wife does. My wife rocks some seriously crocheting. She started out— she was already a knitter but she started out crocheting hats for a friend who was actually in chemo and suddenly needed a lot of hats. And then, she just sort of went wild with it. She knitted a turtle, and scarves, and a guitar strap for our son. She’s pretty fierce.
Joss Whedon (X)