I love the way it ended. I mean, Joss legendarily starts to adapt your character as the series goes on to how you really are, and I started off as sort of a calculating bitch and ended up being rather motherly and a bit of an alcoholic, and I can’t think where he got that from [laughs].With Joss, you just have to trust to the mind that’s greater than yours, so yeah, I just gave myself over to the Whedon crazy brain. I didn’t have hopes or fears. I knew it would all be all right, because he was writing it.
Olivia Williams on Dollhouse (X)
You know I love all my children, but the second season always stands out for me because it was the first time we as a writing staff realised what we were capable of, that we really realised the nature of the show, soap operatic elements, continuing stories, what we could do. There was never a better foil for Buffy than Angel - although Faith came close - because Angel hit her where she lived and nobody else ever did and the audience had so much invested in him. Plus there was Spike and Dru and Cordelia… I mean, it taught us what this show could be. And so this season has that place in my heart.
Joss Whedon on which Buffy Season he likes the best (SFX Collection: Influential TV, 2006)
The thing we were trying to do was tell epic timeless stories on a small emotional scale. That sort of thing, if it’s done right, can certainly live on. Will the DVDs help keep alive its memory? I don’t know. I do know that the character as a concept has affected the way people think about heroines and heroes and who can front a show and what boys will watch and a lot of different things… And that’s a more important legacy to me than if they’re still watching the episodes.
Joss Whedon on Buffy (SFX Collection: Influential TV Special, 2006)