Top 5 friendships: Avengers cast → (5/5) Everyone - part i


right now Joss Whedon is probably trying to get the Avengers cast to do a scene and stop messing around and actually listen to him for once and that just makes me happy


444 days till Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out

And speaking of dancing Avengers…

Jeremy Renner presenting at the Grammys last night. His hair is looking a little… hawkish.

Filming starts in March.

I thought you were joking at first, but you really can’t stop training, can you?

for imagineifthisallcamedown

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Anonymous asked: Is Budapest a reference to Secret Avengers: Reverie (2013)


You mean the Budapest references in Marvel’s The Avengers film from 2012? I believe in Joss Whedon and his command over much of reality—but I don’t think he time traveled to the future and read some comics so he could write a reference to them into the Avengers script. :)


(I guess I need to say outright that the comics took the line and made reference to it after the fact…I just thought that was subtly implied from my answer…)