His obsession at the moment is an odd one: the story of French yachtsman Bernard Moitessier, who was involved in a legendary 1968-1969 round-the-world race which led to the suicide of Englishman Donald Crowhurst. The Frenchman was on the point of winning when he was told he was going to be greeted by a flotilla of small boats and taken on a victory parade. Moitessier wrote a note on a piece of paper and catapulted it on to a passing liner. Hiddleston takes up the story.

'The note read: “I am a member of the greatest nation on earth, which is the nation of sea and sky, the idea of records and races seems so absurd to me now that I have decided to pull out of the race.” So he went round the world again and settled in Tahiti! He felt so at peace. It's a kind of modern Odyssey. He faces his greatest fears, and he sees truly monstrous seas and yet he probably has seen more beauty on that one trip than any of us do in our lifetimes. And you think, that man is alive and I want to get close to that in some way. To lean into the wind, to lean into your fears. It's a metaphor for overcoming disappointments… I could go on!'

"Major Tom" — GQ (x)

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Fight rehearsals begin for Coriolanus. Time to tell twitter who is playing Aufidius

From Garry Kasparov to Tullus Aufidius, and in Coriolanus rehearsals today.

And it is going to be some fight… and

and with fight director Richard Ryan.

"Make you a sword of me." Coriolanus

For the Hiddleston fans.