Joss explains a scene from ‘The Girl In Question’

"It has to be said: the Andrew scene in "The Girl in Question" was a victim of me dropping the ball. I specifically said there should be a party of men AND women, all glamorous and Italian, waiting for Andrew. I wasn’t there when it was shot, and didn’t have the time/money/energy to change it after the fact, though it made me crazy.

Andrew’s sexuality is always on the cusp of self-awareness because Andrew is stunted emotionally and because it’s hilarious.

[Side-note: The “people change” thing is a hold-over from the fact that the scene was originally written for Dawn (but Michelle turned us down). The idea was, there’s little Dawn, then in the last scene there’s hot grown-up Dawn going out on the town, a heavy visual support of people changing (since Spike and Angel always see her as older brothers do). But Tommy made it his own, ‘cause he’s Tommy.]”