Fitz saved…


Fury’s life.

In tonight’s episode Fitz said he invented the Mouse Hole device but it was shelved. Garret then says the top brass gets all the good toys. 

Fury used a device to get out of his car before the HYDRA agents could apprehend him. Maria Hill used it to get the Cap, Falcon, and Widow out of that armored car.

I’m so proud of my bb boy.


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Good job Agent Fitz.

Do you think anyone’s told Steve Rogers about Firefly yet?

Reactions to Captain America 2?

We’ll go first: !!!!!!!!!

"Over the evolution of Cap we tried to evolve his fight style. So, we tried to do a little more gymnastics."

We would like to see Cap go full River Tam in the Avengers sequel please. If anyone can make it happen, it is Joss Whedon.

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“I understood that reference.”
Captain America