When Joss Whedon cast him in 2005’s “Serenity,” the film spinoff of his TV show “Firefly,” lead actor Nathan Fillion remembers being thrilled. “We were all shocked and amazed, because it immediately classes up our project,” Fillion says. “We were a cancelled Fox show and he brought some real legitimacy to us.” Fillion found Ejiofor to be a generous presence on and off set. “He does what he does not just for himself, but so the whole thing works. He is built for this career. Some people find acting hard or difficult or are insecure about it. He is none of those things. I don’t think he finds acting hard; he just works hard at it.”

Fillion recalls dining out with Ejiofor in London shortly before he was about to film “Kinky Boots.”

“He would break out into song in public — and loudly!” Fillion says. He was enjoying sauntering around, and his whole face would transform and it was brilliant to watch. If any of my friends were to do that, I would ask them to stop. But by the end of the night, I was requesting songs.”

Excerpt from a Variety feature on Chiwetel Ejiofor (X)