Felicia: “The Guild season one available on DVD plus new episodes at the , we also have t-shirts.”

Joss: “Felicia!”

“But now we pick pick
Pick pick pick it apart
Open it up to find the
Tick tick tick of a heart
A heart, broken”
Joss Whedon
“Nobody’s Asian in the movies
Nobody’s Asian on TV
If there is a part there for us
It’s the groupie in the chorus
That’s me”
Maurissa Tancharoen 

Joss: “I tried to warn you, the truth never helps anyone”

Jed: “Joss don’t start”

Joss: “I didn’t start this”

Jed: “Then don’t do the middle”

Neil: “Ooh-ooh, I have a question! An Internet musical is a wacky idea that’s zany, where did it come from?”

Joss: “It came from pain”.

“Wow, I guess I never saw it from the perspective of people who don’t matter.”
Neil Patrick Harris

Jed, Maurissa, Zack:

Without these things you spit upon

You’d find your fame and fanbase gone


You’d be ignored at Comic-Con

“My tortured actor’s process:
Stand here and do what Joss says”
Felicia Day