Darla: “You’re death?”

The Master: “No.”

Darla: “What then?”

The Master: “I’m your saviour.  God never did anything for you - but I will.”

Darla: “But we…”

Angel: “I know”

Darla: “And you…”

Angel: “Yes”

Darla: “Then I…”

Angel: “Three times”

Darla: “You’re not evil?”

“Just because we had a thing for 150 years, don’t presume you know me.”

Darla: “Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is?”

Buffy: “Bad hair on top of that outfit?”

Darla: “I so loathe cheap royalty.”

Angelus: “They all taste the same to me.”

Drusilla: “Oh, it’s beautiful! Dank and dark. It reeks of death.”

Darla: “That’s motor oil, Dru.”