“Xander, don’t speak Latin in front of the books.”
“I’ve got a theory
That it’s a demon
A dancing demon!
No, something isn’t right there”
“Well, now I know I’m back in America as I’ve been knocked unconscious.”

Spike:  “Don’t be a stupid git. There is no-“

Giles: “If I want your opinion, Spike, I’ll…  I’ll never want your opinion.”

“Ahh. I am no Alfred, sir. You forget - Alfred had a job.”

Giles: “Happy Hallow - Hello, Buffy?”

Buffy: “Oh – my – God.”

Giles: “It’s a sombrero.”

Buffy: “And it’s on your head.”

Giles: “It seemed festive.”

“There’s a demon in the Internet.”

Buffy: “At least I got to the two of you before you actually did something.”

Joyce: “Right.”

Giles: “Indeed”

Joyce: “Yes.”