Buffy: “At least I got to the two of you before you actually did something.”

Joyce: “Right.”

Giles: “Indeed”

Joyce: “Yes.”

“The Earth is doomed”
Giles: “Older brother?”
Spike: “Father. Oh god, how I must hate you.” 
Giles: “What did I do?”
Spike: There’s always something.”

Giles: “The vampire is not dead?”

Buffy: “No, but my social life is on the critical list.”

Buffy: “Is this a mission from which you intend Spike to return alive?”

Giles: “Yes. I sent Andrew with him.”

Buffy: “Again I ask the question.”

Willow: “Giles, were the Incas very advanced?”

Giles: “Yes, yes, very.”

Willow: “Did they have orthodontists?”