I think I got nine writers, who are all scattered to the winds in Los Angeles, all show runners, executive producing television shows. They’re all very powerful. But I got them when they were all poor, hungry and in the same room together, working on scripts. And I think it’s amazing that Joss found that much undiscovered talent and got them all in the same room. And I definitely benefited from that. I really feel that I stood on tape, where they told me, got the lines right, and they made me look very good.
James Marsters talks Buffy (X)
I had planned to do an episode of Firefly with Amy and Alexis and James Marsters as part of a travelling Shakespeare troupe. Because it’s sort of a staple of the John Ford Westerns, there’s always that over-the-top theatre guy. And I thought it would be terrific to have them to try and put on a play in the cargo bay.
Joss Whedon in conversation with Total Film (X)