“Recognizing somebody else’s power does not diminish your own.”
Joss Whedon

The light on their faces: Mal is cragged, often shadowed, but strong, sad-eyed and kind. Kaylee is round, warm, and open. Sexuality and honesty. River is planed, underlit, eyes hooded. She’s a question. Simon works in angles as well, coolly handsome and hard to connect with - but ultimately he’s a romantic. Jayne doesn’t give a good goddamn how he’s lit. Zoe glows. She cannot help it. Wash is light, playful - often amongst his screens or slightly blown out by the sun of high atmosphere… Inara’s light is complex, like Mal’s. Hiding and beckoning.

-Joss Whedon (Serenity: The Official Visual Companion)

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First pic from ‘In Your Eyes’

First pic from ‘In Your Eyes’

The Joss Whedon penned ‘In Your Eyes’ will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. According to The Wrap

The New York City indie fest, which begins in April, announced the second half of its slate on Thursday, with several marquee talents set to premiere films during the 11 day run, including established directors who are serving as screenwriters this time around.

Joss Whedon, whose attention has largely turned to the Marvel Universe, is the writer behind the Brian Hill-directed film “In Your Eyes,” which features Zoe Kazan as “East Coast housewife Rebecca who lives a comfortable, sheltered life, but always knew there was something special about herself” whose world collides with “charismatic ex-con Dylan” played by Michael Stahl-David.

“The point is always that the truth is more important than the power structure, and whether you make a dent or not, the fact that you succeeded in trying is a victory.”
Joss Whedon


right now Joss Whedon is probably trying to get the Avengers cast to do a scene and stop messing around and actually listen to him for once and that just makes me happy