The Director: “There’s no other way. You have to be strong.”

Marty: “Yeah, Dana. You feeling strong?”

“People in this town drive in a very counter-intuitive manner.”
Dana: “You know, I don’t think Curt even has a cousin.”
Marty: “Huh.”
“Oh my god. I’m on a reality TV show. My parents are gonna think I’m such a burn-out.”

Marty: “You’re not seeing what you don’t wanna see. Puppeteers.”

Dana: “Puppeteers?

Marty: “Pop-Tarts? Did you say you have Pop-Tarts?”

Marty: “I think I can get it to go down.” 

Dana: “Do we want to go down?”

“Do NOT read the Latin!”
“Statistical fact: cops will never pull over a man with a huge bong in his car.”