“Smellin’ a lot of “if” comin’ off this plan.”
“The important thing is that I kept up my special birthday tradition of gut-wrenching misery and horror.”
“No, she was never gone. She was with me. We should have been forever, and I— I let her be dead. She’s really dead. And I killed her.”
“Flames wouldn’t be eternal if they actually consumed anything. But it means something that you tried.”
“Call your mom, can you bunk over?”
Tony Stark
“We have to see the chimp playing hockey! That’s hilarious! Ice is so slippery! And monkeys are all irrational… we have to see this!”
“Remember: fast and brutal. It’s going to be a whole new world come nightfall, don’t want to weaken now. And boys? - Let’s watch the swearing.”
Mayor Wilkins
“I suspect the danger won’t start until we reach that bullet proof glass.”
“I’m sorry, perhaps we could skip the nostalgia”
“I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.”