David Boreanaz (‘91) was this year’s commencement speaker at Ithaca College

(speech starts at 4:40)

My search for that authentic existence … took me on a journey from a parking attendant to a house painter to a props department assistant to the guy who hands out towels in a sports club and a guy who drives a truck and tries to sell gourmet food door to door. … Every day I would get off [my sister’s couch in L.A.], put on a suit, grab my briefcase packed with 200 resumes … and I would drive to studio back lots. I would go on in and I would act as if I owned the place. I’d hang on the sets, get unintentional cameos in the crowd shots, and when they called lunch, I’d follow the pack to craft services and I would eat.”

Boreanaz told the graduates to persevere. “You’re going to make mistakes — make them big. Make huge mistakes, learn from them. You’re going to get sidetracked. Everyone gets sidetracked. You might even get canceled; don’t take it personally. Just get back out there. Because you know what? If you make it through season two, they might even give you a spin-off.” (x)