David Boreanaz (‘91) was this year’s commencement speaker at Ithaca College

(speech starts at 4:40)

My search for that authentic existence … took me on a journey from a parking attendant to a house painter to a props department assistant to the guy who hands out towels in a sports club and a guy who drives a truck and tries to sell gourmet food door to door. … Every day I would get off [my sister’s couch in L.A.], put on a suit, grab my briefcase packed with 200 resumes … and I would drive to studio back lots. I would go on in and I would act as if I owned the place. I’d hang on the sets, get unintentional cameos in the crowd shots, and when they called lunch, I’d follow the pack to craft services and I would eat.”

Boreanaz told the graduates to persevere. “You’re going to make mistakes — make them big. Make huge mistakes, learn from them. You’re going to get sidetracked. Everyone gets sidetracked. You might even get canceled; don’t take it personally. Just get back out there. Because you know what? If you make it through season two, they might even give you a spin-off.” (x)

Dark Market Fashion Show - Evil League of Evil

Beware - here are some new members for the Evil League of Evil!

Saturday the 18th of August I participated in a small alternative fashion show in Copenhagen. I had chosen “Evil League of Evil” as my theme, which was basically me showing five fashionable villain outfits, based on the concept of Evil League of Evil from Dr Horrible (weird villains, oh yeah!).

My self-invented chosen villains were:

Scarab-Juice: Based on BeetleJuice and therefore quite Tim Burton inspired. Lots of stripes, long restraint-suit-ish closed sleeves, that ends in a sandworm head, and a fascinator shaped like a scarab.

Fraülein Vasst-Binder: I miiiiight have watched a movie too maany with Michael Fassbender when this name came to me, and I realised that I should make a military-styled outfit with lots of ropes… The sleeves have long ropes circling the arms (can be used as whips), the corset has all the rope you see on the front bound separately on the back… I’ll hopefully get a better photo of that detail at some point.

Lady Nemo: A most ladylike Victorian villain with a heap of tentacles hiding under her bustle, she’ll seduce you any day and drag you into the ocean… She is of course inspired by Captain Nemo, Cthulhu and the deep, deep sea.

Tinker Tesla: The wonderful and crazy Vanessa, who starred as my mad scientist, is from GeekPhysical, and well… I suppose all I needed to do was make her a lab coat, she does the evil mad scientist villain thing all by herself!

Ghastly Geisha (me): A lovely, stripy geisha, being ever so cute, but hiding dark secrets behind her back - as you can see below, where I’ve put a photo of the back of the kimono/obi. I totally needed a stripy kimono, so I needed a villain for that ;)

Detail from the back of the kimono/obi:

The whole team:

Thanks to LarsWS and Dag Stinus for the mighty pictures ^.^